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segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2014


The minister is minister Teori Zavascki, STF , since November 2012, when he was appointed to fill the vacancy created with the retirement of Justice Cezar Peluso. Your vote in the monthly allowance process was essential to change the fate of the condemned, because the decision changed Peluso offered by the Embargo Infringing.
On May 18, a Sunday, the minister freed prisoners of Operation LAVA-JATO; a day later, reconsidered the decision to keep the prison of Alberto Youssef, Raul Henrique Srour, Nelma Mitsue Penasso Kodama, Carlos Habid Chater and Rene Luiz Pereira. Let loose only the former director of Petrobras, Paulo Roberto Costa, who has been imprisoned since the month of March.
Determined that all processes on the LAVA-JATO operation are forwarded to the Supreme Court, although not all involved authorities entitled to privileged forum. This decision will help to paralyze the ascertainment of facts involving money changers, parliamentarians and other federal authorities.
The LAVA-JATO - operation, triggered by the Federal Police, lends itself to determine what caused Petrobras irregularities in the diversion of 10 billion dollars. It was the first time the police entered the headquarters of Petrobras for rolling papers in search of irregularities under Lula and Dilma Rousseff, as well as, for the first time a head of state was arrested as part of a gang of money laundering .
Sebastião Nery, famous Bahian journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, wrote on the subject :
" I do not know who the minister Teori Zavaschi, the Supreme whispered. But it must have whispered with a very powerful whisper, to reach such a preposterous decision, such a zavascada theory. Alright. Nobody understands even head judges. But try to understand the tortuous Zavascki. Twelve were arrested. He wanted to hold one, whispered. Instead of holding 11 prisoners and drop whispered, he let out all night again yielded 12 and 11 at dawn . The country was shocked, the machetes of TVs and newspapers exploded. And whispered? The whispered, sometimes, ! Still whispering .

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