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domingo, 15 de junho de 2014


Thomas Piketti, French economist, recently released the book "Capital", which has caused much controversy; second commentators Piketti with his work, replace the book "Das Kapital" by Karl Marx, the XIX century, the XXI century, although ensure that the economist or read the work of his predecessor, Marx.
For Marx, the free market system, called "capitalism," resembles a poker game in which they are eliminated one by one until only one player. Understood that this fact would lead to the existence of a minority, the capitalist, and most proletarians. This situation would lead to the proletariat that would culminate in the seizure of power revolution. This has not occurred.
Piketti offers the following concept for capital: inventory of all property owned by private individuals, corporations and governments, that can be marketed. This designation estate and intellectual property rights can be included.
The author defends the idea of ​​progressive taxation on the overall wealth of the millionaires, formed by 1%, as a means to contain the "terrifying inequalities" accumulated by the powerful in the modern world. Says that this situation is due to the rate of return on capital that is always greater than the growth rate of income, the theory developed by "The Capital" by Marx. Analyzes the whole evolution of social inequality in the last two centuries.
Piketti shows the shortcomings of capitalism, especially in regard to the free market; differentiates between income and wealth and state intervention considers necessary to prevent the production of antidemocraticas oligarchies, as in the present world; serves many statistics to support his thesis at world level.
Piketti has been panned by economists, showing errors in published statistics, but no one denies that the rich are getting richer and the middle class remains stationed mainly in the world's greatest power, the United States.

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