segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015


On the 27th of November, there will be election to the board of AMAB and only one sheet, named "Judiciary United and Strong" was recorded, headed by Judge Freddy Carvalho Pitta Lima, with Judge Mario Augusto Albiani Alves Júnior, as 1st Vice President and Judge Elbia Rosane de Sousa Araújo, as 2nd vice president. The judges may vote in person or where they are; in this case, using the internet, through the link that will be sent to access the voting system. It is the first time you use electronic voting in the elections AMAB. DIRECT ELECTIONS. 

 The OAB / Ba also promotes elections next November 22 relying on four plates: Plate 86 - More OAB, led by the current president, trying to re-election, Luiz Viana; Plate 77 - Courage to renew headed by Carlos bachelor Ratis; the Free OAB plate, led by lawyer Joseph Nelis and New Plate Bar Association, headed by Fabiano bachelor Mota. DIRECT ELECTIONS. 

 There will also be elected to the board of the Court, on 20 November; the major difference between the three elections is that for the direction of the Court is not expected direct elections but, on the contrary, restricts the number of candidates, only judges vote, and limited the pool of candidates, only 5 in all judges. In the last session of the Full, last Friday, there was the greatest turmoil, because the president, des. Eserval Rock, presented proposal for direct elections and the judges understood inopportune time of the debate, classified as chairman of stroke and other claims that clearly demonstrated the delay, when it comes to elections:better stay as it is. INDIRECT ELECTIONS

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